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Head of Simulations

Dr. Jesus A. Izaguirre is an accomplished biomolecular simulation scientist with a proven track record in leading cross-functional drug discovery teams, developing methods for computational drug discovery, and solving complex biophysical/biological problems. With over 100 peer-referenced publications, he has made significant contributions to molecular dynamics simulation methodologies and their application to biopharmaceutical problems. Dr. Izaguirre is passionate about leveraging AI and physics-based simulations to design novel drugs, such as protein degraders. Throughout his career, Dr. Izaguirre has held various leadership positions in organizations such as Roivant Sciences, Silicon Therapeutics, and D.E. Shaw Research. He has experience in building and managing highly motivated teams, mentoring junior team members, and fostering academic-industry collaborations. As a professor at the University of Notre Dame from 1999 to 2016, he led several multidisciplinary efforts in computational physics, chemistry and biology, and pushed the boundary on using ensembles of thousands of simulations integrated with experiments to aid drug design.

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