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Differentiated Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated Senior Research Programmer to work in a multi-disciplinary organization with a focus on overcoming challenging drug discovery bottlenecks using physics-based simulation and machine learning methods.


  • Write scripts and workflows to streamline drug discovery efforts 

  • Build software infrastructure to support Auto/dx platform development 

  • Implement and maintain software engineering best practices 

  • Ensure scalability, extensibility, and portability of platform code 

  • Implement novel computational methods to address critical drug discovery needs 

  • Work closely with our drug discovery team to understand project needs 

  • Investigate the latest trends in scientific methods and software engineering practices 


  • Experience in molecular modeling techniques 

  • Experience with Molecular Dynamics codes, such as AMBER or OpenMM 

  • Extensive programming experience (Python and C/C++ preferred) 

  • Advanced knowledge of scientific algorithm development (Pytorch, JAX, etc)

  • Highly motivated to develop physics-based methods for discovering better medicines 

  • Ability to manage outsourced software development projects 

  • Experience with parallel programming, especially data-parallel, using MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC or CUDA C/C++/Fortran 

  • Experience working with containers 

  • Ability to manage HPC clusters (CPU and GPU based) 

  • Experience in using/deploying workflow frameworks such as pySLURM, etc.  

  • Experience with scientific computing systems and schedulers 

Please send your CV and cover letter to if you are interested in this opportunity.

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